What is StreamSpot?

Automated Content Distribution for [simplified] streaming

StreamSpot is an end-to-end streaming solution designed with simplicity in mind. Unlike a traditional CDN that merely delivers your live stream to viewers, StreamSpot offers the ability to automate every step of the content distribution workflow, from capture to multi-platform delivery.

Live Streaming

Stream high-quality broadcasts to any Internet connected device. Broadcasters can utilize a wide-range of popular encoders & apps. or for the ultimate in simplicity, check out the StreamSpot ONE Encoder or our turn-key Streaming Bundles.


100% automated live streaming that starts and stops automatically. Simply enter the details of your event (either one-time or repeating), and StreamSpot Sync® takes care of the broadcast for you.


Within minutes of each live broadcast, your archive is automatically posted for on-demand viewing directly on your custom StreamSpot players.


Automated content syndication allows for a single broadcast to be distributed to popular platforms including Vimeo, Facebook LIVE, Chromecast & Roku automatically, saving you time.

Put simply, a single broadcast using StreamSpot can automatically syndicate to popular destinations

How to Stream

Streaming is Simple, Here's how it works

Step 1


Select Audio & Video Sources

You can use almost any camera or device for streaming. Here are a few of the most popular devices:

Step 2


Encode Sources for Streaming

Encoders are used to convert your capture devices into a format that can be used for streaming. You can use:

Step 3


Transmit Feed to StreamSpot

Streaming requires an Internet connection, here are the minimum requirements:

Supported Encoders:

Our Core Customers

Customized Solutions for Broadcasters


Designed to help broadcasters and to entertain viewers

StreamSpot Pricing

No hidden fees, no setup fees, no transfer fees, no contracts. Simple and affordable streaming for for any budget.

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100 Simultaneous Viewers
100GB Storage
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Broadcast Up to 720p HD
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Pricing For:
XL viewing audiences
High-Throughput Encoding
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Streaming with StreamSpot is easy and we can help! Since 2010, our streaming experts have helped setup StreamSpot customers all over the world. Regardless if you are using your own equipment to broadcast or one of our equipment packages we will help you every step of the way.
StreamSpot technical support is included with every StreamSpot account. If you have an issue you can call or email our support team and one of our experts will be happy to help.
Within minutes of each live broadcast your archive is automatically posted for on-demand viewing directly on your custom StreamSpot players.
Included with every StreamSpot account are instant viewer analytics detailing all aspects of your streaming service. Find out how many viewers watched your broadcasts, what broadcasts were most popular, viewer maps, viewer duration and much more!
Absolutely! Using your MyStreamSpot customer portal you can easily download all of your broadcasts in .mp4 format which can be easily uploaded to popular online video services like YouTube or Vimeo, or burn directly to DVD for viewers without Internet access.
Included with every StreamSpot account are customized, embeddable players that can be placed right on your website. Viewers will enjoy your broadcasts both live and on-demand directly on your website which helps drive higher page views and repeat visitors to your website.

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The best way to make sure StreamSpot is the best streaming provider for your broadcasts is to give us a try. Our 30-day free trial is unrestricted and allows you to try every feature with absolutely no obligation to buy.

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Integration & Workflow Partnerships:

StreamSpot is proud to be a Vimeo Integration Partner
StreamSpot is proud to be a Powered-by Wowza Service Provider Partner
StreamSpot works with Videon encoders and decoders
StreamSpot is proud to be an official destination for Telestream Wirecast
StreamSpot is proud to be an official destination and streaming partner of vMix production software
StreamSpot is proud to integrate with Matrox encoders